The Guide to Lean Eating

When experts say that abs are baked in the gym but prepared in the kitchen, they speak a scientifically grounded truth. While it is true that your curl ups and your ab exercises bring out the six pack from their years of dormant hiding, this growth cannot be facilitated with the right elements taken from the food that you eat. Your diet plays a huge percentage in the achievement of your fitness goals so it is important to put much focus and consideration on what you eat when planning to lose or gain weight for the better.

While it is true that society is exerting a lot of pressure on women by dictating certain unspoken standards of what is beautiful and not, a similar pressure is being put on men. Media has long been advertising that a man should be muscular in order for him to be attractive to the opposite sex. It does not help as well that Calvin Klein uses a lot of fit and muscular guys as endorsers because it only cements the standard that dictates men should have muscles to be sexy.

There are ways to gain muscle but it requires huge changes in your diet. There is a concept known as lean eating that when partnered with the right levels of physical stress and exercise can trigger massive muscle growth. Here are the basics of lean eating that should steer your diet to the right path.

Calculate your Calorie Requirements and Stick to it

Having excess calorie intake will result into more fat deposition which will encourage your muscles to continue hiding and hibernate. To avoid eating excess calories you first need to determine your daily requirement. This can be done by consulting a dietician or calculating it yourself by noting your usual activities every day. Once you’ve determined your calorie requirement, then stick to it and ensure you do not go over the set limit.

Consume more Protein and Less Carbs

Protein is the muscle forming element that you need to consume and digest to achieve project Adonis. The right sources of protein without the excess carbs can be difficult to purchase so it is recommended that you prepare your own food. It is difficult to buy a patty without the bread that makes it a burger. Mushroom is a good protein source but not when it’s on a pizza.

Sufficient Intake of Healthy Fats

Eliminating fats in the diet is fatal for every male body builder wanting to build muscles. The reason is simple, fat is the building block that makes the male hormone testosterone. Without testosterone you are bound to build zero muscle, pack on more fats in your midsection, and experience libido problems such as erectile dysfunction. Focus on eating healthy fats that can be found on coconut, bacon, avocado and almonds. These fats are easily digestible and converted to a usable form.

Lean eating is not a one-time task that you only do once to generate the result. It is a constant practice that must be fed with effort and determination every single day. When maintained for a sufficient period of time, you get rewarded with the results.