Starting A Career In Filmmaking

It’s always been a big passion of mine to make movies for millions of people to see. Today you can practice that art and entertain people without a degree thanks to Youtube. Anyone with a camera and editing software has the ability to tell a story. Usually, you know whether or not you can succeed in film – most people that are good on camera or capturing something on camera are great storytellers, even on paper. I first started off by documenting my fitness journey on Youtube, which is actually a perfect start in retrospect because you really have to put yourself out there and show the world your raw emotions and physique.

This teaches you to get over the fear of the camera really fast. Most people also don’t realize that filming is just half the story. Editing takes raw footage and makes it into a story you can give life to, with a narrative and a climax. Editing is what allows you to give life to your story and draw an audience in to you and your brand.

If you decide that being an online filmmaker is the way to go and forego the school route, realize that everything you have to learn can be learned from others as well. Most people try to go at it themselves, without knowing that you can learn to be successful on Youtube…on Youtube!

Not going to school for Filmmaking also does not mean being ignorant – it is important that you understand that. On the contrary, you want to take in as much information from every source you can because without a degree, its not enough to just be good, you have to be great to succeed. Don’t be afraid to ask for production advice, I did from and it worked great.