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Keep Your Space Tidy With Organic Cleaning

Dirty carpets can lead to serious health problems to people, so, it is essential to clean your carpets regularly. It can cause to different sickness and it can be a good home to parasites and insects, also dirty carpets could also emit a foul smell and a dusty environment. Vacuuming it at least thrice a week is good but also it needs to have a deep cleaning process.

There are different ways to clean your carpet, you can do organic cleaning or using of chemicals like these six other methods

1. Absorbent Compounds

In this method there are 4 steps to consider. First is to vacuum the carpets, second, you need to use a prespray to break down the soil, at that point apply the absorbent compound (containing small amounts of water, detergent, and solvent), sprinkle it on and brush it with a counter rotating brush, then vacuum it again for the extraction.

2. Dry Foam

A foaming product is applied through the machine to foam itself. Same with the steps of absorbent compounds. Vacuum, prespray, then run the machine- the foam itself absorbs the soil into it and extracted from the machine itself   

organic carpet cleaning

3. Bonnet Method

In this method absorbent pads are used with a machine. Firstly, dip the pad in a bucket with a detergent and put the pad on the floor with a rotary machine and run it over the carpet, the machine will absorb the soil into the pad and will do the extraction also. 

4. Rotary Shampoo

This is the oldest method currently used in cleaning carpets, and still the best cleaning method that is used today. The procedure of the rotary brush machine is very similar to the rotary bonnet machine. The first step is vacuuming the area, then apply a preconditioner and allow a few minutes dwell time, after that mix carpet cleaning solution, subsequently apply the solution to the carpet or you can put the solution in the solution tank, if you have a solution dispenser. Lastly, vacuum the carpet again.

5. Encapsulation

This method requires chemicals. After the product is applied to your carpet to separate the soils from the fiber. The soils begins to suspend. And when it dries, the dirt turns into crystal in which you can gently remove using a vacuum.

6. Using A Hot Water For Extraction

Many suppose that this method is far the most effective way in cleaning carpets. Hot water & cleaning products are applied into your carpet using a high pressure, so the dirt in your carpet would loosen up. Pro carpet cleaners use a highly powered vacuum, to remove both the water, dirt and stain on your carpet.

Hiring professional carpet cleaners will cost much of your money. If you want to spend less you can do DIY’s or organic cleaning , but it is highly recommended to have assistance to professionals, so that you will not go wrong in the cleaning process. Health is wealth so spend your time to watch your favorite movie and let the professional carpet cleaners do the job. Make your home safe by paying someone who knows what they need to do.